WWE The Great Khali alias Khali -WWE ECW

Khali and his manager, Shawn Daivari made a debut on October 31, 2006 edition of ECW. This time they reversed their roles and Khali took on the role of Daivari's manager.
Shawn Daivari
Shawn Daivari ousted Shannon Moore. Khali shoved Daivari's rivals even after the match ended and defeted them.

Khali's next match was against Tommy Dreamer. Khali chokebombed Dreamer on the steel stage after the match got over. Dreamer fought the next match against Daivari and defeated him. However, he was chokebombed by Khali on top of a steel chair. The following week, Khali was challenged by Dreamer but it was Daivari who fought instead. Dreamer again won the match and was once again chokebombed by Khali on the padded floor outside the ring.
Khali with Shawn Daivari
Daivari had challenged Shannon Moor in the December 19, 2006 episode of ECW. However, Khali fought Moore in his first match in ECW. Khali defeated Moore. This time Dreamer came in and hit Daivari with a steel chair. Dreamer also tried to attack Khali with the same chair but himself got punched in the front of the face with the chair. The next and the last match that Khali fought in the ECW was against Dreamer on January 9, 2007 in which Dreamer got defeated.


After Khali's contract with ECW ended, he signed a contract with RAW without his manger Daivari. His first match was against John Cena in which he won by disqualification because Cena tried to hit Khali with a steel chair which was against the rules. Cena was chokebombed by Khali on a mat after the match on the ringside area.

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