The Great Khali Film Career and Biography

Year 2005

Dalip Singh alias Khali has also starred in a film titled The Longest Yard . Khali played the character of a jail inmate named Turley. An announcement made on March 16, 2007 stated that he was to begin shooting for Get Smart along with The Rock.

Video : Khali HOLLYWOOD - first ever appearance

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Year 2008

Khali at the film Khusti Bash

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The great khali has signed two hindi movies namely Rama The Saviour and Kushti. He is playing the role of a superhuman in the film Rama The Saviour and a wrestler in Kushti.

The interesting thing for the great wrestler is that he dances in both the films and he said that he enjoyed it.

Both the movies will come at the end of this year after his second hollywood film Get Smart.

View the opening ceremony video, also showing Harminder kaur with Khali

Khali 2011 Videos
Khali WWE
Khali with WWE Divas

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