Quiz on Undertaker : How well do you know Undertaker?
Summary: The Undertaker quiz tests how much do you know about the Dead Man.

You will get a secret message if you score more than 6 correct ;)
1. What is the real name of the ‘The Undertaker’?

2. The Undertaker originally resides from:

3. When ‘The Undertaker’ debuted in WWF, what was his ring name?

4. The Undertaker has tattooed his wife’s name on his throat. What is his wife’s name?

5. Which rock band composed theme song for The Undertaker during the ‘American Bad Ass’ era?

6. How many times Undertaker has lost at Wrestlemania?

7. Who did Undertaker set on fire during the first ever Inferno Match at In Your House: Unforgiven?

8. What is the name of The Undertaker’s manager?

9. What is the name of Undertaker’s group formed between him and his manager and other people?

10. Undertaker and Kane together are known as: