CM Punk Quiz - WWE Quiz: How well do you know CM Punk?
Summary: This quiz tests how much do you know about CM Punk.

You will get a secret message if you score more than 6 correct ;)
1. CM punk originally resides from:

2. During his early days, he used to do a stint wrestling called:

3. CM Punk has been ECW world Champion for how many times?

4. CM became World heavyweight Championship after defeating which wrestler?

5. CM Punk won the ‘Money in the Bank’ in which edition of Wrestlemania?

6. CM Punk finishing maneuver is called:

7. The real name of CM Punk is:

8. What is tattooed on CM Punk’s stomach?

9. CM Punk has dated which of the following women?

10. CM Punk lost the King of the Ring 2008 final to which wrestler?