WWE john cena quiz - WWE Quiz : How well do you know John Cena?
Summary: The John Cena quiz tests how much do you know about John Cena.

You will get a secret message if you score more than 6 correct ;)
1. John Cena shows “W” sign with his fingers, what does it means?

2. John Cena originally resides from:

3. How many times has John Cena held the World heavyweight Championship title?

4. John Cena uses which of the following submission move?

5. Which singer sang the song “Basic Thuganomics” for John Cena?

6. John Cena was the winner of which edition of Royal Rumble match?

7. Which wrestler’s bodyguard stabbed John Cena with a knife in the kidney, in a bar?

8. What is the name of John Cena’s punching maneuver?

9. What is John Cena’s fan group called?

10. Which of the following is not a nickname of John Cena?