Quiz on Batista : How well do you know Batista?
Summary: Summary: This quiz tests how much do you know about the - WWE Batista.

You will get a secret message if you score more than 6 correct ;)
1. Batista originally resides from:

2. During his bar bouncer days, how many years he served as probation?

3. In October 2007, Batista has written his autobiography, what is the name of his autobiography?

4. Which rock band composed theme song for Batista's Theme 'I Walk Alone'?

5. How many times Batista has been WWE Champion?

6. Batista has defeated Khali, in his own type of match, which match is that?

7. Whom does Batista Defeated at WrestleMania 21 to become World heavyweight Champion?

8. How much Triple H gave Batista as a bounty for Goldberg?

9. In OVM, Batista defeated which WWE superstar:

10. In August 2007, Batista was one of the Wrestling superstars, who were under which type of drug allegation?