Tamina DIVA Professional Life and photo

Sarona Snuka signed the contract with WWE in December 2009. She debuted on March 19, 2010 in a six woman tag team match at an FCW House show. Later Tamina started managing The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) and continued to be a competitor in womens division.

In May 24, Reiher alias Tamina Snuka debuted with the ring name Tamina along with Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso by attacking the Unified Tag Team Champions. On June 20 at Fatal 4- way, Tamina and The Usos were defeated by the Hart Dynasty in a six person mixed tag match.

On June 21st Tamina debuted in singles against Natalya but match ended in a no contest because The Nexus interrupted in between the match.

In July 2010 episode of Raw, Tamina and The Usos won their first match by defeating The Hart Dynasty in a six –person mixed tag team match.

In July 26 episode of Raw, Tamina with The Usos duo to a singles match against Randy Orton but Jey Usos could not defeat Orton. Tamina also competed for a Divas Battle Royal but lost the match.

In October 11 episode of Raw Tamina joined Santino Marella after his victory over Zack Ryder. Tamina , Naomi and Banks debuted as B.A.D.(Beautiful and Dangerous) while in February 2016 she officially announced her exit from B.A.D. group.

Tamina DIVA Professional Life and photo

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